About Us

Why Texas High School Football?

Texas high school football has a deep-rooted and rich tradition. Each week during the fall, entire towns shut down from Amarillo to Brownsville and El Paso to Port Arthur as fans of all ages and backgrounds gather to support their teams. High school football is not just a game – it’s a complete social and entertainment experience complete with the game itself, cars and trucks decorated to the max, pre and post game celebrations at local restaurants, the finest marching bands, talented cheerleaders and dance teams, booster club events, and the greatest exhibition of team pride you might ever hope to see! Our loyal visitors reflect the passion found in these communities. If you haven’t been to a Texas game, try it, you will LOVE it!

When Was 5ATexasFootball.com Founded?

5ATexasFootball.com was founded in 2001 as a way to capture this spirit and to provide in-depth coverage of Texas’ largest UIL classification. The founders and owners of 5ATexasFootball.com are former students and football players of Texas 5A high schools. They know firsthand the excitement that surrounds Texas football and work diligently to provide objective analysis and to write custom content that accurately portrays the 245 teams that make up the classification.

What Is Unique About 5ATexasFootball.com?

We are highly engaged with the visitors through the discussion boards and attending games in the state. We know Texas football and have built tremendous relationships with many of the coaches and media partners in the state. This is one of the most active, if not THE most active, high school football community. Football fans across the state share score updates, pictures, game day traditions, and other football-related information, which helps us provide in-depth statewide coverage of both large and small markets. This site is all about the community and support of our athletes, coaches, and families. Sportsmanship and family values are appreciated and expected by site members and we share responsibility for exciting conversation that holds to these expectations.

Who Are The Fans of 5ATexasFootball.com?

Our primary audience includes high school students, parents, coaches, military personnel and alumni of varying ages. Overall, 5A Texas Football.com enjoys a wide range of visitors in both age and background. High school football in Texas is a community event. 5A Texas Football.com was the most visited high school sports website on the Internet in 2008 according to web traffic specialist Alexa.com, with 1.9 million visitors and over 18 million page views.

81% of our visitors come from 600 cities within Texas, with Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio leading in numbers. We have also recorded visits from all 50 states, leading with other big football states of New York, California, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Louisiana. Visitors also represent 137 countries, with much of the international traffic coming from our service men and women stationed at U.S. military bases around the world.

Thanks again for visiting the site and come back often! Our continued commitment is to keep all content free. This is made possible by our advertisers, sponsors, and 5ATXF shop and your patronage is greatly appreciated!

Your Friends at 5ATexasFootball.com –

Jeremy, Josh, and Justin